Learn Jewelry Making : Wire Wrapped Pendant Lesson with Wire Wrapping Technique

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I am bewitched by this design!! it makes beautiful pendants. This is a beginner/intermediate level tutorial which requires basic skills of wire wrapping and wire weaving. You can modify the stone, wire gauges and even add your favorite weaves. Be intuitive and you will create a unique piece of jewelry. Following is the list of materials and tools required for this tutorial.


Cabochon stone with flat back:
Oval in shape, Size: 39 mm x 24 mm

Variation: you can definitely use a pear or round cabochon with this design. Form the pendant according to that of the stone.


1. 32” or 80 cm of 18ga (gauge) solid Half Hard Square copper wire, cut in following pieces :
– 16” or 40 cm – 2 piece
2. 20” or 50 cm of 18ga (gauge) solid round dead soft copper wire, cut in following pieces :
– 16” or 40 cm – 2 piece
– 4” or 10 cm – 1 piece
3. 10” or 25 cm of 22ga (gauge) solid round dead soft copper wire
4. 8” or 20 cm of 26ga (gauge) solid round dead soft copper wire
– 3” or 7.5 cm – 2 piece
– 5” or 12.5 cm – 1 piece
5. 294” or 746 cm 30ga (gauge) solid round dead soft copper wire, cut in following pieces:
– 36” or 91 cm – 1 piece
– 60” or 152 cm – 1 piece
– 48” or 121 cm – 2 piece
– 30” or 76 cm – 2 piece
– 18” or 45cm – 2 piece
– 3” or 7.5 cm – 2 piece


Copper beads:
2.5mm bead : 5 beads
2.5mm bead : 2 beads

Stone Beads :
3mm bead : 1 bead

Tools :

1. Flat nose pliers
2. 5mm Dowel / bail making pliers
3. Flush cutters for cutting the wire
4. File (to smooth out all cut ends of wire)
5. Chasing Hammer
6. Bench block
7. Jewelry Polishing pad or Nylon jaw pliers to straighten the wires
8. Marker pen
9. Ruler to measure

Variation: This pendant can be created without the hammering, but it will lose the depth the hammered parts give to the piece.

For final finishing:

You can leave the copper pendant as it is looking shiny or with natural tarnish. But I prefer to polish my pieces to high gloss, to do that you will need following
1. Liver of sulfur or any copper antiquing solution
2. Steel wool
3. Flexible shaft rotary tool with Cotton buff wheel
4. Polishing compound of your choice

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