About Me

Hello, I’m Gopi.

I am an architect turned jewelry maker based in artisan’s country India.

I have been making jewelry since my young age. I enjoy jewelry making.

I still remember first time i saw wire wrapped jewelry on Instagram I instantly fell in love with this wonderful technique of jewelry making.

I started experimenting with wires and I realized that with wire wrapping I can make more intricate and more complex designs, I can manipulate the wire to create the designs I imagine.. Once I became a mom a few years back I started jewelry making full time. I think wire wrapping relaxes me. It is a perfect outlet for my creativity.

I have always enjoyed teaching so I finally started sharing this beautiful technique which has a endless opportunity for everyone who wants to bring out their creativity. My courses and tutorials focus on creating a strong foundation  while guiding the students towards writing their own stories with wire wrapping and explore their own creative skills.Teaching lets me interact with people around the world.

ArtsvilleHandcrafted was started as a global platform to connect with students around the world, and to showcase unique jewelry pieces created by me.

Other than Jewelry.. I love reading fiction novels, bold landscapes and wide variety of architectural designs.