Learn Wire Wrapping | Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant Free Tutorials

If you are looking to create heart wire wrapped pendant then this is the perfect article for you in which you will find free wire wrapping tutorials. So let’s get going!!!

Wire Wrapping is a very versatile technique of Jewelry Making because it requires minimal tools and materials. With these tools and materials and some hand art work, you can achieve most complicated pieces of jewelry.

In this article, We will learn to create very simple but elegant Heart Pendant with Wire Wrapping Technique. It is definitely for beginners and newbies who wants to start to learn Wire Wrap, so in this project we will use very less tools like only 2 or 3 and very less materials like 3 wires and beads . You can create this jewelry piece for your self or to gift some one. It is as simple as this can be your first step towards wire wrapping journey.

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Let, Get started with our Free Wire Wrapping Tutorials,

Materials Required for this wire wrapping heart Project:

  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Flush Cutters
  • 18 Gauge Wire
  • 18 Gauge Wire
  • 24 Gauge Wire
  • Some Beads of your Choice
  • Ruler

(You can Use any Wires & Beads available to you.)

Key Points to Take:

  1. Take 18 gauge square wire.
  2. Using round nose pliers, shape the wire into the heart shape.
  3. Take 18 half-round wire.
  4. Tie the heart shape end with this half round wire with the help of flat nose pliers.
  5. Take 24 gauge round wire.
  6. Make spiral loop at the one end of the wire with round nose pliers.
  7. Add all the beads one by one.
  8. Tie this series to the bottom of the heart.
  9. Add jump ring at the top

Wire wrapping is so much easier and fun then it looks, Right!!! Look what we have achieved with just a few supplies and tools. With a bit more practice and exploring, I am sure you will be able to create lots of beautiful pieces to wear, gift or sell!! Sky is the limit with wire wrapping so reach as far as you can.

Here are some links where you can find some free tutorials on wire wrapping,

Simple Wire Wrapped Pendant

I have few tutorials on Heart Pendant available in my shop and they are on a sale so please Have a look and explore more wire wrapping.

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